At Priority Posture Systems Ltd., our goal is to increase the function, comfort
& health
of people with disabilities. To achieve this, we work as a team with the client, their therapist, caregivers
and loved ones.

We take pride in our in-house approach to seating. As rehabilitation technologists we are involved in the entire process of building. This thorough approach allows for complete attention to detail and maximizes the comfort and functionality of the seating system.



The Custom Seating Process


Step 1 . Therapist Assessment
An assessment is performed with the therapist to determine the need for custom seating and to develop a plan.

Step 2 . Specifications
During this appointment the Client, Therapist, Family Members, Care Givers, and Seating Technologist meet as a group to determine the goals of the seating system. In addition to taking measurements, we also discuss other important details such as unique client and caregiver needs, and therapist recommendations. These details all play an important role in the design and manufacture of your new seating system. From this appointment a letter is written to apply for funding as it is usually required.

Step 3 . Shape Capture
There are two different methods of Shape Capture that we use, Foam-in-Place and Foam-in-Box. The method we choose will depend on the requirements of the seating system determined during the Specifications appointment.

Step 4 . Trial Fitting
During the trial fitting adjustments are made to ensure the system supports the client as desired and set out by the goals. At this point, the seating system is a rough foam shape that can be carved away or added to as needed to make it a perfect fit. At this appointment, the client will have the chance to try out the seat and experience what their new system will be like. The freedom to fine tune the system before it is upholstered is one of the key benefits of custom seating and is what sets it apart from off-the-shelf systems. Usually, only one trial fitting is required but it is not unusual to have multiple when working with complex systems.

Step 5 . Final Fitting
Finally! The seating system is upholstered and ready to go. Final adjustments are made to the head rest and lateral supports.

Step 6 . Follow-Up
Follow-up is not always required but it is not unusual that only after a prolonged use of the seating system in the clients environment that they determine there are more modifications that need to be made. The freedom to alter the system after the delivery is another advantage of working with custom seating.



Priority Posture Systems provides a 6 month Fit & Function Guarantee. We realize how beneficial it is to have the opportunity to use the system in your daily environment before determining if it completely fits with you and your lifestyle.

The Custom Seating Process